Boost Software Agency Profitability

Improve project estimation and quoting accuracy by up to 15%

You continually develop excellent software, but you’re just not making money. Sounds familiar?

One of two things usually happens: you underestimate and lose money, or you overestimate and lose a potential new client. In both these scenarios, you lose money.

Inaccurate project estimation and quoting negatively impacts your:

Missed deadlines, razor-thin profit margins, and exhausted team members.

This is way too common in the software development world.

And there’s a darker side to all of this. Staying competitive and delivering high-quality products is challenging. Stakeholder expectations are high and the project budget has little room for error—all while sticking to tight schedules.

Even the best teams can fail under such pressure.

No matter how good you are, inaccurate project estimations prevent you from making a profit.

Improving your estimating accuracy for both new and existing projects will lead to:










working hours

A happy team will lead to increased work output of higher quality. This makes your life easier.


Hey there! I'm Piotr, a.k.a. Peter.

For the past 7 years or so, I’ve been running a software agency. As co-founder, I’ve worn many different hats: sales representative, project manager, developer, and above all, CEO.

During this time I saw poor financial results, team burnout, and missed milestones. This led me to identify my company’s primary issue: low estimation accuracy.

It was the root cause of the problem.

In 2019 I decided enough is enough. Using my experience, I mastered and tested various estimation techniques. Finally, I achieved satisfying results.

My experience = Your benefit

Accurate project estimation is essential, no matter your role. I’ve worked in many different roles, which is exactly why I know this all too well. Project estimation not only impacts your business, but your client’s business as well.


As a CEO of a software agency, I know how clients can differ on what’s important when it comes to project budgeting. So, I’ve gained a lot of experience by working in so many roles. This enabled me to develop a unique training program for:

Project Managers

Selecting the correct resources and creating schedules are activities that rely on the project's budget.

Business Analysts

Realistic costs of new requirements help in decision making, and support ROI calculations.

Team Leaders

They’re on the front lines when it comes to understanding technical complexity. The correct estimation techniques increase their confidence.

Company Owners

As a company owner myself, I know exactly where the worlds meet for both the client and the company. And I know how important it is for sales representatives to give an accurate view of the services on offer.

Creating valuable software is fulfilling. You have the privilege of working with various industries, and you can help companies reach success.

Now it’s your time to benefit from all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained by attending an estimation training course tailored specifically to your needs.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! This training can reduce your losses by up to 15%! It worked for us!

Consider these facts: in 2020, we estimated 342 requirements at 681 working hours. But in reality, it took 789 working hours. That’s 108 hours not quoted for, and money lost!

In 2021, using the new estimation process, we estimated 238 requirements at 626 working hours, but it only took 612 hours. That’s 14 hours saved, and an extra profit!

0 %
Of underestimated hours in 2021
0 %
of overestimated hours in 2021

What makes this course unique?


I’ve faced many challenges as an owner of an IT company, and I want to help other companies with similar struggles.


I am results-focused. And I want you to increase your cost estimation accuracy, grow your business, control project flow, liberate your team, and above all, increase profits.


We share your language and we focus on your struggles. And we’ll work hard to help you succeed!

Want to improve the profitability of your software agency?

Now is the time to learn how to create accurate project estimations and quotes for your clients.

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