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Uniquely Tailored For Your Agency

Every company is unique when it comes to software development. From business models and processes, creating one training programme that works for everyone can be difficult.

So, I launched a Pilot Training Programme specifically for you. Through consulting and coaching, I untangle the unique challenges you face with estimating software development effort.

Years of Experience Simplified and Made Actionable

The training programme condenses many years of experience and research in just a few hours. This allows you to quickly learn how to create accurate estimations without a big-time commitment.

We discuss the stages of estimation and their associated risks, and learn how to get “difficult” clients to quickly approve your budget.


I’ve been in IT for 15 years. I've worked as a Software Developer, Project Manager, Sales Representative, and CEO. So, I have a lot of knowledge and experience.

Now, I’m sharing my knowledge in a Pilot Training Programme to teach you the indispensable methods, techniques, and soft skills for creating pain-free cost estimations.

In the programme, you attend live online training, tailored specifically to your unique needs.

Piotr Pozniak is the co-founder of The Beaverhead and the brains behind The Estimation App (TEA).

Prior to The Beaverhead, Piotr was a software developer creating high-end products for the aviation industry. He learned the ins and outs of enterprise software, and its challenges. And he wanted to provide the exact same quality to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.


Over the years, Piotr has become a software cost estimation expert, and now he shares his knowledge and expertise through The Estimation Training.

5 Practical Steps to Better Project Estimation and Quoting Accuracy

The estimation process can be divided into 5 stages, and they correspond to 5 modules in the course:

This module covers the importance of collecting requirements and working with clients.

Key skills you'll learn include: working with stakeholders, determining their needs, and understanding quotations.

This module covers techniques for providing proper documentation.

Key skills you'll learn include: how to asset technologies, group requirements into specific technologies, and assign correct resources.

This module covers the estimation step, which is likely the easiest. If you prepare everything properly, this should be a no-brainer.

Key skills you'll learn include: choosing the right technique, applying safety margins, and temptations to avoid.

This module is all about risk management. If something could happen, then it usually will. And you must be prepared for that.

Key skills you’ll learn include: soft skills such as speaking with stakeholders and teams for handling underestimated projects, wrong estimations, and unreachable deadlines.

This module covers your estimation archive, which is as good as gold.

Key skills you’ll learn include: pulling specific information from your previous estimations and using it to make your work easier and more efficient.

Most of the techniques focus on calculating the correct numbers, but the other stages are equally important to ensure that the numbers are realistic.

This course focuses on each of these stages. In every module, you’ll learn some common problems and how to manage them.

And everything you’ll learn is backed by many years of experience.


What is included?

Tailored Online Training

You’ll learn all 5 pillars of the estimation process. Real-life examples will demonstrate how you can apply specific techniques, where to apply them, and what to avoid.

The online training programme takes about 16 hours.

Online Consulting Hours

After training, I’ll further help you to apply the knowledge you’ve gained. We’ll have enough time to walk through your own unique challenges.
A total of 5 hours of one-on-one online consultations are included.

Access to The Estimation App

We've created a web application for helping us in the estimation process. All requirements, deadlines, and budgets exist in one, easy-to-access place.
Free access for one year is granted to all trainees.


Ready: Tailor-Made Evaluation

To ensure quality service and to protect your investment, you must first submit a survey before signing up. We’ll then schedule a 45-minute consultation for free! The survey enables us to better understand the nature of your company, and helps us tailor your free consultation so that you get the most out of it. Upon submission, you’ll receive a Calendly link allowing you to book the consultation for a time most convenient for you.


Set: Make It Happen

After the consultation, you decide when you want to start your training by booking the dates you prefer. We’ll also send you a link with payment details. Once completed, your training can begin!


Go! Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

Applying your newly acquired knowledge to your own situation will be the most challenging part. Luckily, this is where I’ll help answer your questions during a total of 5 hours’ worth of consultations. This ensures you’ll have enough help after the training, so you can get a head start with applying everything you learned!

Ready To Start Improving Your Estimates?